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My name is Eloi Sanfèlix and I am just another guy interested on information security, cryptography, computers and that kind of stuff. I graduated as a Telecommunications Engineer in 2008 in the UPV, and I am currently working as a Security Analyst at a security test lab.

In my daily job I perform security evaluations of smart card and embedded devices, and participate in the development of tools for side channel testing. However, I am also interested on many other fields of security such as application and OS security, cryptography, reverse engineering, exploitation techniques, etc.

I've been several times at Campus Party, where I've participated as a speaker, preparing a security wargame and as a plain attendant as well. I've enjoyed taking part into the security wargames held there the last few years, when we actually won the last two of them. I also participate in on-site and online CTFs around the globe with int3pids.

History of this blog

My previous blog started in early 2007 as a place to store any computer security related content I could think of, and also content about my own life. A place where I planned to tell about my experiences in a possible Erasmus grant later on.

I actually went abroad for an Erasmus exchange, more concretely to the TU Eindhoven in 2007-2008. During that time, I finished my Master Thesis (known as PFC in Spain)  on side channel analysis at the company I work for currently, and then I graduated. During that time, I shared some of the knowledge I acquired through that blog, which was written in Spanish.

Right after graduating, I decided to change the blog a little and made it bilingual. After around a year, I decided to completely switch to English. And I also moved away from the previous hosting on a computer from the IEEE-sbUPV to a professional (though cheap) hosting with my own domain.

The contents

This explains a little bit why you see content in Spanish in this blog, because I imported everything from my previous one. Some time ago I had started a series of posts on cryptography, which I will continue here. You can see the posts tagged as Crypto Series. These posts try to explain cryptography without getting too deep into complex maths, trying to make it easy for everyone to understand the basic concepts behind crypto.

Furthermore, there will be room for ohter information related content. In a nutshell, my interests include cryptography, practical attacks on cryptographic implementation (e.g. side channel attacks), smart cards, networking and software/OS security... and maybe more :).