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Here you can find a few articles I wrote in the past. I am not sure whether there will be any update here soon or not, but in any case I'll inform through a post of any thing interesting happening over this section.

  • Shellcoding [ES]: Introduction to shellcode programming under GNU/Linux. You'll learn how to program a shell-execute shellcode and a bindport shellcode.Introducción a la programación de shellcodes bajo GNU/Linux.  Download
  • Return into libc [ES]: Introduction to an exploitation technique known as return into libc, which allows to bypass countermeasures based on non-executable memory pages as long as libraries are mapped at fixed/known addresses. Wrote as an extra for an article of the Hackxcrack spanish magazine. Download
  • SPKI: Summary of the SPKI specifications. Wrote as an assignment for Cryptography 2 subject at TU Eindhoven. Download