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After all this time without any activity, I've decided to make some changes to the blog. The first one you notice when you come in directly through a browser is the new theme.

Further, now it's possible to select the blog's language between Spanish and English. Yes, I've decided to start multilingual blogging, and every post will have a spanish version and an english one. To that end, I've installed a plugin called qTranslate, which allows you to manage it directly through the wp editor without modifying the database at all. It also allows translating categories, pages, etc.

The only thing that makes me hesitate a bit is that comments are not separated. But to be honest, I don't think it's gonna be a problem cause after all I don't have that many comments ;-).

I've translated the pages, updated the About me page with current information and I'll explain some of my ideas in this post. I'd like to start a series about cryptography, starting with the very basis and progressing step by step.

We'd start with classic crypto, and continue with modern crypto: block ciphers, asymmetric crypto (RSA, ElGamal, some ECC content). Once we know something about all this stuff, we'll see some cryptographic protocols and cryptographic systems.

Obviously all this doesn't happen overnight, but my intention is to publish at least in a weekly basis. With such a large series of posts, it could be a problem if its acceptance is not very great and I got tired of writing about it... I hope it doesn't happen this time 🙂

More news comming soon, stay tuned!

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  1. ¡Cripto! ¡Cripto! ¡Cripto!

    Y sobre los comentarios, si te hace ilusión los hacemos multilingües. xD

  2. Q alegría ver que hay nuevos posts para leer en este blog 🙂

  3. Cuenta con mi reader! xD

  4. Para los vagos como yo, lo de leer directamente en español nos va a venir muy bien. Igual así me entero de algo de las cosas de cripto que vayas contando!

  5. Mismo tema que en ConspiraBlog… me gusta xD

  6. @0×636f646572
    Ejem! xD

    Tranquilo que no pretendo hacer de esto un ConspiraBlog como algunos lo llamáis 😉 Aquí ni conspiraciones ni demasiados artículos de opinión se verán seguramente… más bien cosas técnicas unas veces algo avanzadas y otras (como ahora) empezando desde cero 😛

  7. @0×636f646572: no vale ir cambiando entre little endian y big endian para liarnos con tu identidad!

  8. xDDD cambié de PC y no tenía la cookie.

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