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Status update

This is a quick note to give an update on my personal life and that kind of things ;-).

As some of you already know, I'll continue working in The Netherlands for one more year, until September 2010. The workplace will be the same, so I'll be working on smart cards and embedded devices, a little bit of Java programming and playing with interesting things such as fault injection (voltage/clock manipulation or laser radiation injection) and side channel analysis.

On the personal side (i.e. not work-related), at the end of June / beginning of July I went to Valencia for my summer holidays. I was at Campus Party, where I gave a presentation on smart card security and I worked together with Javi and Amin to achieve the first position of the security wargame organized by SbD.

Since then, I've been playing soccer quite a bit with the new team as well as going out more than I expected (partly due to the soccer team), being the case that most of my friends from last year did go back to Spain or were still on holiday.

On the other hand, I've both an HTC Hero smartphone, which is something I've been wanting to do for a while now. Actually, it's a quite nice device and I've been tinkering with it and trying to discover how it all works. This means you can expect a related post in a few days... but for now a small preview:

$ adb shell
$ rootsh

Yes, I already got root on the device based on some information I found out there ;-).

Finally, at the end of this week I'm going back home. First I'll go to Madrid, where I expect to gather with some of my Erasmus friends, some people from Wadalbertia and where I'll have my cousin's bachelor party. After this, I'll go to my village for the whole week... I'll try to schedule some post for you guys.

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  1. Enhorabuena por lo del curro 🙂

    Fue genial verte a principio de verano, y me gusta ver que ahora todo te va tan bien.

    Un beso!!

    P.D: suelo leer tu blog pero no me entero de demasiado xD

  2. queremos updates de todo lo que vayas trasteando con Android!

  3. Hola Tuxed,

    No se bien como llegue hasta estos lares, y aunque no tengo el placer de conocerte personalmente, te deseo que lo estes pasando bien en Holanda.

    Nos vemos por Wadalbertia! 😉

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